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Exhibition design about the couture house NKs French 

Nordiska Museet in collaboration with fashion journalist, Susanna Strömquist has produced a large exhibition about the couture house NKs French, that existed between 1902 and 1966 within the department store, Nordiska Kompaniet. The exhibition is full of fabulous fashion creations from Paris and original designs from NKs Franska. Focus will also be brought to the people behind the scenes: the tailors, seamstresses, embroiderers. sqCircle has been commissioned to design the exhibition, which opens on 15 September 2021.

Photo credit: Hendrik Zeitler/Nordiska Museet


New design of the family room at ArkDes

In collaboration with Asli Abdulrahman Ali , sqCircle has designed the new Family ArkDes. We have drawn our inspiration from vernacular architecture’s soft round shapes and tactile materiality. Our aim has been to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for the whole family, that encourages exploration, relaxation and conversation.

There are two main elements in the space: the Hilly Hangout, a carpet-covered terraced structure that gradually ascends into the far corner of the room, giving the visitor a lofty perch from which to enjoy the outstanding view outside; and the Hideouts, a group of shelters inspired by clay huts, yurts and igloos, perfect for a quiet moment away from the crowd. To accentuate the generous ceiling height, oversized hand-crafted talismans hang over the space, bringing good karma and catching the light with their reflective materials.

Kneaded clay plays an important role in the details, bringing the presence of the human hand into the space and connecting to the millennia old tradition of crafting with clay. A workshop to create clay-covered stools will by held with some of the youngsters who have Fisksätra Folkets Hus as their favourite hangout.

We have chosen to work with textiles as our main material, from the plush carpet of the Hilly Hangout, to the padded walls of the Hideouts, to the soft furnishings with different fillings, to the reflective fabrics of the talismans – the tactility of the spatial experience has been our design focus. We hope people will enjoy engaging with the space and discovering a few surprises that we have hidden within.

Photo credit: Klaudia Rychlik


Exhibition design showing 150 years of police photography

The Swedish police are showcasing parts of their unique photo collection in a new exhibition at the Police Museum. The exhibition tells how the camera could become one of the police’s most important tools for solving crimes, but is equally about some of all the people who have been photographed by the police over the past 150 years. Sweden’s first mugshot and see crime scene photos and objects from noteworthy Swedish crime cases will be on display. sqCircle was commissioned to work with the spatial design and exhibition disposition, completely remodelling the previous exhibition space to create a more open environment with contact to the outside. The graphic design was done by Sinfo Yra The exhibition will open on the 7th of February 2020 and will end in December 2021.


The von Fersen exhibition

sqCircle was commissioned by the association running Mälsåker Castle in Södermanland to design an exhibition about the von Fersen family’s presence in and around the castle going back eight generations up until the last of the family was forced to sell the castle to cover gambling debts in 1853. The exhibition opened in the summer of 2020.



Stage design for the 2020 gala

sqCircle is honoured to have been commissioned by Sveriges Arkitekter (Architects Sweden) to work on the stage design for the 2020 Architecture Gala, at Konserthuset (Stockholm Concert Hall) where the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony has been held since 1926! The theme for the year was “Co-create” and so sqCircle initiated an open call for drawings of plants, insects or animals among the architectural corps. These drawings were collaged together to create backdrops for the stage. For each drawing submitted, a tree was planted in collaboration with Borås Tapeter via the organisation Vi-Skogen

Over 100 architects submitted over 150 drawings! That was a lot of new trees planted. The drawings were also used to make a small collection of wallpaper which is available for ordering on Borås Tapeters website. Ogeborg contributed with the stage rug that was made from offcuts and that found a new home in a school after the gala. Even the corrugated cardboard decor found new homes, thus the whole installation got a second life, saving the precious resources of the earth.

Cirkus Cirkör’s breathtaking performance can be seen here.


Exhibition design for “British – så in i Norden”

The concept: 3-D fashion magazine

British influence on Nordic Fashion is the theme for this exhibition that showcases a fine sample of Opus Anglicanum dating from the Middle Ages and the latest materially innovative runway fashion from Stella McCartney and many things in between. The concept was a play on retail and fashion magazine aesthetics. This project also included managing the graphic production. Collage and graphic design by Ivy Agency.

Photographer: Peter Segemark

Open 29 March 2019 – 29 March 2020. More info.


A Living heritage project for Etnografiska Museet

The concept: A West African Loom

Weavers in the West was a project by Marcia Harvey Isaksson (sqCircle’s founder), developed and presented within Slöjd Stockholm’s residency programme “Plats för det Handgjorda” at Etnografiska museet in the on-going dialogue exhibition “Afrika pågår”. The aim of the project was to highlight the rich West African strip-weaving tradition that dates back over a millennium during which time the architecture of the loom is little changed and the patterns woven are ever popular. Through applied craft within the museum space, Marcia hoped to set a spotlight on the museum’s collection of African textiles and textile-producing technologies, as well as illustrate the direct and uninterrupted link between the past and the present. The resulting 4m long strip-weave was subsequently donated to the museum’s African textile collection.

Photographer: Hung Jungjiea

Showed between 21 October and 25 November 2018. More info.


Interior design for new café and bread shop

The concept: Country deli

The design of the Strängnäs café and bread shop marks the fourth location that Printz Bageri collaborates with sqCircle, after the mothership in Stallarholmen as well as the bread shops in Eskilstuna and Södertälje. This time a completely new building was constructed tailored to the needs of the client. sqCircle has planned the customer areas including the lighting and the specially designed shelving. The original concept from 2010 remains unchanged and ever relevant. 

Photographer: Hung Jungjiea

Opened 3 October 2018


Exhibition design for Scenkonstmuseet

The concept: Backstage

The summer exhibition Bergman – Truth and Lies presented Ingmar Bergman’s life work and artistic collaborations with actors, set designers, camera crew and costume designers. A myriad of costumes and theatre models were also presented. The exhibition design aimed to create a backstage feeling of an on-going creative process. In collaboration with Atelier Ryberg. Photo credit: Scenkonstmuseet.

Opened 16 June – 16 September 2018. More info


Curating and exhibition design for HV Gallery

The concept: Sketches

Handarbetets Vänner (HV) is one of the most well-renowned textile institution in Sweden, founded in 1874. They have a rich archive of textile samples created as a tool of dialogue between the artisan and the artist, during the creative process of translating an artist’s sketch to a monumental piece of textile art. sqCircle was commissioned to curate an exhibition using material from the archives. The curatorial idea was to focus on the sketching process and the dialogue that results. Exhibition and graphic design, exhibition texts and exhibition production by sqCircle. Photographer Karin Björkquist.

Opened 13 June – 25 August 2018. More info


Exam exhibition for the graduates of 2018

The concept: Thematic.

For the third year in a row, sqCircle was commissioned to curate the exam exhibition. A new approach for this year was to group the projects thematically, the students having worked with themes like body and norm, femininity, materiality, collective design.

17 – 22 May 2018. More info.


Exhibition design for Östasiatiska museet

The concept: Paper book

The exhibition Paper Stories shows unique collections from China, Japan and Korea. At the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities (Östasiatiska museet), paper’s history, technology, crafts and what it means for the spread of knowledge and the development of humanity are displayed. The exhibition design focused on the materiality of paper, creating a large scale book featuring different chapters in the history of paper. In collaboration with Atelier Ryberg. Photo credit: Photo #8 Tony Sandin. All other photos: sqCircle.

Opened 23 February 2018. More info


Exhibition design for Östasiatiska museet

The concept: Paper dystopia

For the premier of the Paper Gallery, sqCircle collaborated with paper artist Bea Szenfeld to create a dystopic setting for her paper creations. The Paper Gallery concept was developed to showcase contemporary art along side the more historic, collection-based exhibition Paper Stories.

Opened 23 February 2018. More info


Exhibition design for Östasiatiska museet

The concept: Gold mine

A tiny but precious exhibition highlighting objects chosen from the museum’s Japanese collections by eight different guest curators, one each month. Each object is presented together with a short film where the guest curator discusses the choice together with the museum’s curator for Japan, Petra Holmberg.

Opened 30 January 2018. More info


Exhibition design for Riksidrottsmuseet

The concept: A play on scale

An exhibition about inclusive sport and what it means. A forty meter long supporter scarf winds it’s way around the room while different thought-provoking sporting scenarios unfold in miniature worlds in scale 1:87. In collaboration with Unna Design.

Opened 28 October 2017. More info


Workshop design

The concept: Inspired DIY.

The family workshop and creative studio at the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities (Östasiatiska Museet) in Stockholm has gone through a complete make-over. The only item left from the original design is the mascot dragon “Draken”, who has been given a more prominent placement in the room creating a cozy corner for younger children for climbing, crawling, playing hide and seek or reading. A new colour scheme lends the room some warmth while clearing defining the different areas – inspiration, material and work space. The specially designed posters show some of the endless crafting possibilities available to visitors. In collaboration with Atelier Ryberg.

October 2017. More info.


Poster design

The concept: Inspired DIY.

For the completely remodelled family studio at the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities, we have created a series of inspirational posters that focus on different creative techniques that can be used in fun crafting projects. In collaboration with Atelier Ryberg. Photographer Ea Czyz.

October 2017. More info.


Baker’s shop design

The concept: Country deli.

Having developed the interior concept and the planning of the brand new wood-fired bakery, shop and café in Stallarholmen as well as the baker’s shop in Eskilstuna in 2010, it was a pleasure to again work with Printz Bageri. This time the project was the new shop in Södertälje. Printz Bageri is fast becoming the most loved ecological bakery in Sörmland and it’s an honour to join them for the ride!

September 2017. More info.


Exam exhibition for the graduates of 2017

The concept: Tape-mania.

For the second year in a row, sqCircle was chosen as curator of the exam exhibition. As previously, the main challenge was orientation around the school. New for this year was the individual showroom presentations of the fashion students work.

18 – 23 May 2017. More info.


Temporary exhibition for Livrustkammaren

The concept: Steel and blood.

The exhibition showcased a variety of Japanese swords och delved into the mystik surrounding these steel weapons, using popular culture as an aid.

30 March 2017 – 7 January 2018. More info.


An exhibition for Etnografiska Museet 

The concept: The Faded Rainbow. 

An exhibition about norms and the right to be one’s true self. The exhibition is made up of three separate parts. The first is a playground of different stations putting the spotlight on and challenging norms in society related to the body, colour, love, language, status and family. The second is a collection of objects from Vietnam and Sweden that tell stories about prejudice, gender and love. The third is a norm walk through the museum’s existing collections highlighting new perspectives through the application of a norm critical view.

1 October 2016 – 7 January 2018. More info.


Temporary exhibition for Östasiatiska Museet 

The concept: The Tatami Grid. 

A strict grid, based on the proportions of a tatami mats, forms the framework for this exhibition about the traditional Japanese arts of bonsai and ikebana. This steers everything from the graphic design to the indoor zen garden. A traditional alcove was integrated in the design to showcase fresh ikebana arrangements and well-pruned bonsai trees. In collaboration with Atelier Ryberg.

17 June – 2 October 2016. More info.


Exam exhibition for the graduates of 2016

The concept: The arrow.

As curator and project manager, the main challenge was to create clarity for visitors while moving around the school and present each project in the best possible way.

19 – 25 May 2016. More info.


An exhibition about Hate Crime for Polismuseet 

The concept: Reflection. 

Hate crime affects us all and we can all be a part of the solution. By using mirrors throughout the exhibition, the visitor is forced to see their own reflection among the faces of victims and accounts of hate crime and reflect on their own role or experiences. The exhibition is set in a city/society and the sequence is divided into three parts – the “feelings alleyway” where the visitor is exposed to a physical and emotional experience to get them reflecting on hate crime; the “learning square” where they are provided with facts and figures surrounding hate crime; and lastly the “take-action forest” where the visitor is given inspiration and tools to react against hate crime. In collaboration with Interior Nation.

February 2016. More info.


Temporary exhibition for Livrustkammaren 

The concept: The “Wunderkammer”/Cabinet of Wonder.

 This odd collection remarkable and exciting objects tells stories about people and their perceptions of the world that are rarely seen in ordinary history books. Photographer Jens Mohr.

19 September 2015 – 13 March 2016. More info.


Exhibition for Världskulturmuseerna 

The concept: A stroll through the city.

The setting was Luoyang, which was during the Tang dynasty (618 – 907) one of the world’s largest and most cosmopolitan cities. In the exhibition in the Caverns, it was possible for visitors to travel back in time and meet the people who lived and worked there. Each section of the city was  defined by unique laser-cut portals which set the scene. In collaboration with Atelier Ryberg and Fritz Halvorsen. Photographer Karl Zetterström

12 September 2015 – 28 Februari 2016. More info.


Temporary fair restaurant for Biennale Interieur

The concept: The global fishing village.

A sustainable fish and seafood concept bar for Biennale Interieur in Kortrijk, Belgium. Yarn made partly from recycled ghost nets was used to create the handmade canopy above the area. In collaboration with Atelier Ryberg and Fritz Halvorsen.

17 October 2014 – 26 October 2014. More info.


Interior concept and office spatial planning

The concept: A breath of fresh air

The new head office for Barncancerfonden was designed to meet the current and future needs of the organisation. A more flexible office environment was created as well as a more welcoming atmosphere for visiting parents and guardians of cancer-ill children. In addition, the new reception area was given a new shop area.

February 2014. More info.