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Stage design for the 2020 gala

Honoured to have been commissioned by Sveriges Arkitekter (Architects Sweden) to work on the stage design for the 2020 Architecture Gala. So looking forward to working with this wonderful team in this amazing space at Konserthuset (Stockholm Concert Hall) where the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony has been held since 1926!



Exhibition design showing 150 years of police photography

The Swedish police will be showcasing parts of their unique photo collection in a new exhibition at the Police Museum. The exhibition tells how the camera could become one of the police’s most important tools for solving crimes, but is equally about some of all the people who have been photographed by the police over the past 150 years. Sweden’s first mugshot and see crime scene photos and objects from noteworthy Swedish crime cases will be on display. sqCircle is happy to have been part of the project. The exhibition will open on the 7th of February 2020.



The von Fersen exhibition

sqCircle has been commissioned by the association running Mälsåker Castle in Södermanland to design an exhibition about the von Fersen family’s presence in and around the castle going back eight generations up until the last of the family was forced to sell the castle to cover gambling debts in 1853. The exhibition will open in the summer of 2020.

Photo credit: SFV


Art installation for Västerås Art Museum

This textile exhibition “Weave Braid Attach – Textile Pioneers and Contemporary Expressions bring together artists who work with the textile as material, medium and idea. The exhibition places different generations next to each other, textile pioneers from the mid-1900s are shown in dialogue with contemporary art. Västerås Art Museum has invited Marcia to exhibit her loom installation “Dialogue”, an interactive piece that examines loom design and architecture as well as how different cultures have chosen to approach it. By using a warp to connect a classic Glimåkra pulley loom with a custom-built West African-style drag-stone loom, the ancient world-wide weaving tradition is highlighted.

Showing 18-26 January 2020



Travelling exhibition for Polismuseet

Three years after designing the on-site exhibition Vi & Dom, en exhibition about hate crime, sqCircle was once again commissioned to design a version that could travel around the country. The first stop was Regionmuseet Kristianstad in February 2019 and now the next stop is Göteborgs Stadsmuseet opening on 23 October 2019.

(The photo shows the exhibition under construction in Kristianstad)



Featured in the lastest issue of “Arkitekten”

Arkitekten is the branch magazine for the Swedish Association of Architects. In the February 2019 issue Marcia, founder of sqCircle is featured in a portrait centered around her work as an exhibition designer and interior architect. The article can be read here .

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