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Featured in the lastest issue of “Arkitekten”

Arkitekten is the branch magazine for the Swedish Association of Architects. In the February 2019 issue Marcia, founder of sqCircle is featured in a portrait centered around her work as an exhibition designer and interior architect. The article can be read here .

Photographer: JungJiea Hung

Photographer: JungJiea Hung


A Living heritage project for Etnografiska Museet

The concept: A West African Loom

Weavers in the West is a project by Marcia Harvey Isaksson, developed and presented within Slöjd Stockholm’s residency programme “Plats för det Handgjorda” at Etnografiska museet in the on-going dialogue exhibition “Afrika pågår”. The aim of the project is to highlight the rich West African strip-weaving tradition that dates back over a millennium during which time the architecture of the loom is little changed and the patterns woven are ever popular. Through applied craft within the museum space, Marcia hopes to set a spotlight on the museum’s collection of African textiles and textile-producing technologies, as well as illustrate the direct and uninterrupted link between the past and the present. Opened 21 October 2018. 



Exhibition design for Nordiska Museet

The concept: 3-D fashion magazine

British influences on Nordic fashion is the theme of this exhibition which features among others exclusive embroidery, opus anglicanum, from the mid-1300’s; Liberty fabrics; tweed and tartan as well as sub-cultures inspired by music genres and different lifestyles. Opening March 2019. 



Interior design for new competence center

The concept: Activity-based zoning

An entirely new approach to working with jobseekers and education for adults will be launched in Växjö in the coming year. The municipality, which is on the forefront in many areas, is collaborating with the Swedish Public Employment Service to change the way residents are guided and aided in finding new employment or education opportunities with a focus on self-service and self-empowerment. Opening January 2019.



Exhibition design for Polismuseet

The concept: Connected reflection

Three years after the opening of the original hate crime exhibition at Polismuseet, it is time for the content to travel the country. The first stops are Regionmuseet Kristianstad and Göteborgs Stadsmuseum. Hate crime affects us all and we can all be a part of the solution. This exhibition is needed now more than ever when intolerance and ignorance of others is on the rise. Opening February 2019.

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