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Exhibition design about the couture house NKs French

Nordiska Museet in collaboration with fashion journalist, Susanna Strömquist has produced a large exhibition about the couture house NKs French, that existed between 1902 and 1966 within the department store, Nordiska Kompaniet. The exhibition is full of fabulous fashion creations from Paris and original designs from NKs Franska. Focus will also be brought to the people behind the scenes: the tailors, seamstresses, embroiderers. sqCircle has been commissioned to design the exhibition, which opens on 15 September 2021.

Photo credit: Hendrik Zeitler/Nordiska Museet



A space for to meet, engage and relax

sqCircle was commissioned, together with Asli Abdulrahman Ali to redesign Family ArkDes, a space within ArkDes dedicated to play and relaxation for all. We have drawn our inspiration from vernacular architecture’s soft round shapes and tactile materiality. Our aim has been to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for the whole family, that encourages exploration, relaxation and conversation.

There are two main elements in the space: the Hilly Hangout, a carpet-covered terraced structure that gradually ascends into the far corner of the room, giving the visitor a lofty perch from which to enjoy the outstanding view outside; and the Hideouts, a group of shelters inspired by clay huts, yurts and igloos, perfect for a quiet moment away from the crowd. To accentuate the generous ceiling height, oversized hand-crafted talismans hang over the space, bringing good karma and catching the light with their reflective materials.

Kneaded clay plays an important role in the details, bringing the presence of the human hand into the space and connecting to the millennia old tradition of crafting with clay. A workshop to create clay-covered stools will by held with some of the youngsters who have Fisksätra Folkets Hus as their favourite hangout.

We have chosen to work with textiles as our main material, from the plush carpet of the Hilly Hangout, to the padded walls of the Hideouts, to the soft furnishings with different fillings, to the reflective fabrics of the talismans – the tactility of the spatial experience has been our design focus. We hope people will enjoy engaging with the space.

Photo credit: James Taylor Foster/ArkDes



A textile exhibition for the Swedish Institute

In collaboration with Konsthantverkscentrum, the Swedish Crafts Centre, sqCircle has been tasked with curating a textile exhibition at the Swedish Institute in Paris during spring 2022. The choice fell on artists who use weaving in some form as a method in their art, working with themes of heritage, belonging, spirituality, personal histories and nomadism. 

The participants are Mariana Silva Varela (SE/Stockholm), Kristina Müntzing (SE/Malmö), Côme Touvay (FR/Paris), Mark Corfield-Moore (UK, London), Emelie Röndahl (SE/Falkenberg), and Julia Bland (USA, New York).

(The photo shows the project Longing team, artists and initiators during the planning phase.)



Travelling exhibition for Polismuseet

After stopping at Regionmuseet Kristianstad in February 2019, Göteborgs Stadsmuseet in October 2019, and Försvarsmuseum Boden in September 2020, the next stop is Malmö Museer  from June 2021. Five years after designing the on-site exhibition Vi & Dom at Polismuseet in Stockholm, en exhibition about hate crime, sqCircle has once again been commissioned to adapt the travelling exhibition for Malmö Museer’s space.

(The photo shows the exhibition under construction in Kristianstad)

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