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Exhibition Design


An exhibition for Etnografiska Museet 

The concept: The Faded Rainbow. 

An exhibition about norms and the right to be one’s true self. The exhibition is made up of three separate parts. The first is a playground of different stations putting the spotlight on and challenging norms in society related to the body, colour, love, language, status and family. The second is a collection of objects from Vietnam and Sweden that tell stories about prejudice, gender and love. The third is a norm walk through the museum’s existing collections highlighting new perspectives through the application of a norm critical view.

1 October 2016 – 7 January 2018. More info.


Temporary exhibition for Östasiatiska Museet 

The concept: The Tatami Grid. 

A strict grid, based on the proportions of a tatami mats, forms the framework for this exhibition about the traditional Japanese arts of bonsai and ikebana. This steers everything from the graphic design to the indoor zen garden. A traditional alcove was integrated in the design to showcase fresh ikebana arrangements and well-pruned bonsai trees. In collaboration with Atelier Ryberg.

17 June – 2 October 2016. More info.


Exam exhibition for the graduates of 2016

The concept: The arrow.

As curator and project manager, the main challenge was to create clarity for visitors while moving around the school and present each project in the best possible way.

19 May 2016 – 25 May 2016. More info.


Temporary exhibition for Livrustkammaren 

The concept: The “Wunderkammer”/Cabinet of Wonder.

 This odd collection remarkable and exciting objects tells stories about people and their perceptions of the world that are rarely seen in ordinary history books. Photographer Jens Mohr.

19 September 2015 – 13 March 2016. More info.


Exhibition for Världskulturmuseerna 

The concept: A stroll through the city.

The setting was Luoyang, which was during the Tang dynasty (618 – 907) one of the world’s largest and most cosmopolitan cities. In the exhibition in the Caverns, it was possible for visitors to travel back in time and meet the people who lived and worked there. Each section of the city was  defined by unique laser-cut portals which set the scene. In collaboration with Atelier Ryberg and Fritz Halvorsen. Photographer Karl Zetterström

12 September 2015 – 28 Februari 2016. More info.


Temporary fair restaurant for Biennale Interieur

The concept: The global fishing village.

A sustainable fish and seafood concept bar for Biennale Interieur in Kortrijk, Belgium. Yarn made partly from recycled ghost nets was used to create the handmade canopy above the area. In collaboration with Atelier Ryberg and Fritz Halvorsen.

17 October 2014 – 26 October 2014. More info.