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Interior and concept design for a butchery in Hötorgshallen

The concept: TBA

Proud to have been commissioned by the Ünal family who has been running Latinamerikanska Livs for the past 30 years. In conjunction with their 30th anniversary and the new generation taking over, the family has decided to updated not only the layout of their store but even their name, graphic and interior concept. Opening Autumn 2018.

Inspiration picture by Antonio Diaz



Exhibition design for Östasiatiska Museet

The concept: Gold mine

“Dig in Japan” is an exhibition that highlights one artefact per month from the museum’s Japanese collection. The item is selected by a guest curator who discusses their choice in a video interview together with the curator of the Japanese collection, Petra Holmberg. Opening January 2018.



Exhibition design for Östasiatiska Museet

The concept: Paper transformation

We are in the process of designing an exhibition about paper spanning from the invention of the paper-making technology to it’s various applications over the years. The exhibition will feature the oldest paper in the museum’s collections and other magnificent pieces. Opening February 2018. In collaboration with Atelier Ryberg.



Exhibition curator

The concept: Sketches

Handarbetets Vänner (HV) is one of the most well-renowned textile institution in Sweden, founded in 1874. They have a rich archive of textile samples created as a tool of dialogue between the artisan and the artist, during the creative process of translating an artist’s sketch to a monumental piece of textile art. sqCircle has been commissioned to curate an exhibition using material from the archives. The curatorial idea is to focus on the sketching process and the dialogue that results. Opening Summer 2018.



Workshop make-over

The concept: Inspired DIY

The only thing staying is the mascot, Draken! We have been commissioned to completely make-over the museum’s children’s atelier. The aim has been to create an environment that is inviting, inspiring, self-instructing. The project has also included creating unique instructional and inspirational posters that will also be available for purchase in the museum’s shop. Opening October 2017. In collaboration with Atelier Ryberg. Photographer Ea Czyz.



Baker’s shop design

The concept: Country deli

It is such a pleasure to work with wonderful repeat clients like Maria Printz, founder of Printz Bageri! Eight years after our first collaboration on the wood-fired bakery, shop and café in Stallarholmen, we are proud to have designed the latest addition to the family – the Södertälje shop. Printz Bageri also has a shop in Eskilstuna and is fast becoming Sörmlands most loved ecological bakery.



Exhibition design for Riksidrottsmuseet

The concept: A play on scale

An exhibition about inclusive sport and what it means. A forty meter long supporter scarf winds it’s way around the room while different thought-provoking sporting scenarios unfold in miniature worlds in scale 1:87.  Opening October 2017. In collaboration with Unna Design.

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